Boys Why Are They Not TAUGHT…… To Be MEN…..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Wherever You Maybe at time point in time…..I Want to take a few minutes to talk about Boys today …. I went into the shell gas station this morning to grab a newspaper ,While I was there I was talking with the 2 cashiers at the counter 1 Was A white  boy in his 20’s and the other was a light skin boy who was a nice kid .So  We got to speaking about Rhode Island and how they do not like the people in charge. The politican who are in charge are not doing anything for the working class people .The white kid comes out and said There is Nothing You Could ever do to change Rhode Island Because it  is A Police state …Soo I Tried to xplain to him That t doesn’t have to be that way .Now the light skin boy – Young adult … Was agreeing with everything I had to say Well All I have to say..Is Who Or WhatThe Hell Happened To Boys Growing up and acting Like Men?I don’t mean to keep jumping on the white kid but he was about 6’2′  and 190lbs and you know what I saw just another tall bigger person who runs their mouth about things they do not even understand and you can’t even get them mad….It almost seems like aliens came down to earth and sucked his brains out and in 20 minutes of speaking and believe this there was alot of other people in the store and heard us some were trying not to be seen and others were moving towards the conversation to us  which most of them were older people but the same situation Not one who was listerning Said a word .Well all I Have to say Is if this is the way Rhode Island continues to run ( The kid is right it is a police state )But I don’t Understand for the life of me Why All The so Called Good People In Our State and Our Country Do Not see What Our POlice officers throughout the country are doing and I believe they do it so they do Not have to  work …If You Have a small city and Everyone is afraid of the police .Then In The Police’s eyes I Think They Believe There will not be much crime so they loaf around…. Then Over The Years othe rmen saw How easliy it was to basically get paid to drive around and play god …The Sadest Thing of All Was That One Whit Young Man Who Turned my stomach sour …All Because Of His LACK of Care For  other People , unpatriotic, and He Thinks Even with A million People all together That They Couldn’t Accomplishish a Dam Thing…To That youg man ‘s parents I would like to sayYou raised a Real Winner there boy ……Not.Anyways Like My Wife Is always telling me, But I am A thick headed man and She is right …If We see this kinda behavior in Our small state Then Like she is always telling me it has to be really wrst in other states across the Country …I really Pray that these young Men And women will Realize what is really happening in America …Before it is to late.. with that I bid you good day .

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