America Coming Together ……Part 2

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point in time ….I want to take a few minutes and talk to you About…….Well I thought about making this maybe a number two about America coming together. I have noticed our president has been doing a lot of Good things for our country and the people in it. But if you really look around, I mean really look around, You’ll see that it’s really only helping the Richer people among us. I don’t see it helping the kids with autism or cancer or the Special Olympics type kids or A person with a problem Like homelessness.. We’ve got so many problems in this country and Yet this man is wasting his time with North Korea trying to get them to come back together etc…. So You see in my eyes I don’t believe Donald Trump would be a man Our founding fathers would have went for, Even if he was around in those days. I think they probably would have punched him in the face more than they would have wanted him to be in their Circle. This is no way an attack on the president of the United States. or anything like that..I’m only trying to convey what I love to study and that’s history…Our history ,the Middle East,Italy ,Hungary, Poland ,France ,Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Amsterdam ,New Zealand ,the Hindu Kush mountains or any place in God’s Great Earth…Those are just the ones I have study so far.Through My studies, I have Found That Yes some of these countries are poor .Yes ……Then They Do Have their share of the world’s problems too.But there is one thing I don’t see All that much of In these other countries and That is Hate.. You Know the Hate I am talking about .. There is hate you say you hate someone or somethiing ..Then there is the out right hate..Where you would hurt someone.I have noticed that in alot of these countries That this Country says We are better than ..Well From the people I have met and the countries I have mentioned, Most of them are No different than You or I .Which brings me to the point of this blog .People in other countries have worse problems than we do ..Yet, they find ways to take care of the problem  with the least amount of damage…Take a look at Our Country and How We deal with damage… I didn’t want to bring the police into this But…..I believe all the shooting that have been going on in Our country ( Not Just The police shootings ) Are In a Way The Polices Fault … Why Do I say This ….Doesn’t anyone Remember Playing Cops and Robbers?That was One little game alone way back Then… Alot of counslors believe that all the years kids played cops and robbers Is One of the reasons That Police themsleves Believe they are better The community they are supposed to protect …So Psychiatrists Beleive that If that Game Never happened We Would still have police But they would really be bored because there would not be so much crime…Take a  look at how many lives they have damaged… I would say Millions But, It’s more  like  Hundreds of thousands …Now if everyone of those police officers could have used a little bit more discretion and a little bit more decency In the shootings that are going on across America probably wouldn’t be in the news at all.. So you see it’s the higher Up People who are  supposed to look after the little people and all the people in the country ..Instead they’re stomping Us into the mud like one of those little things They put water on and it rises until It can’t rise No More …Why don’t we in the country come together and rise up ? Maybe it starts with a hundred of us…Then it goes to 3000 + 10000 + 30000 + 30 million ..Then, What’s the President got to say or Anyone else for that matter ?You either join us or We bowl over you that’s it…………….So imagine if you would 30 million people outside the White House the line would go all the way back to Kentucky maybe further ….Because there would be So many people surrounding us All  around the White House and the other states I think the President would be in here shaking or Would he be out there yelling at us with is bullhorn or Would he be tweeting us…  To all please call home?. We’re doing everything we can. Would you believe that? I wouldn’t…… Now …..They whip out the military. But we all pick up our weapons and  They dropped theirs….. We give them a choice To join us or take Their chances. …How many do you think would join us? Because they would see their grandmother’s ,Their aunts, Their uncles, Their brothers and sisters,Their cousins and so on. So how many do you really think would be faithful To the people ? To mr. Trump and to his Administration? I say not many….. Now like I said I wanted to make this about bringing America back together  and How could we accomplish this? We can’t do it alone…. I can’t do it alone….. That’s where it takes some guts of all of Us to come together as a whole as one. As a Unity………… It doesn’t matter if You’re Spanish, or You’re black ,Or White, Or If You’re Asian ………Whatever You  are it Doesn’t matter your ethnicity? Whatever You are or Where You come from? It Doesn’t matter How much money you have or How much money you don’t have? Because that’s what we’re trying to stop ……….We’re trying to make people be accountable and come together to make our country great again………. As President Trump says to drain the swamp ………….. Which  is the Politics Is What Needs To Stop …The swamp is the rich …It’s all of them. Hollywood California,To  Washington DC…………..They’re like two buddies …….are  One …..The money comes and money goes from hand to hand  and out the door …They have more money than they know what to do with it .. Yet  They wouldn’t help somebody lying in the Street…. Homeless…Starving Or have no clothes …Or someone who has nothing …They Would walk right over them……. Or if they got into trouble and had no more money and were starving  I seem to think they would eat their own children if they had to…. if it meant for them to survive……….Absolutely …. The rich are ruthless …The rich are out outrageously Greedy………….. The more They have, The more They want……..The more They Want the more They Get ….The Rich and Powerful ( Our Politicans ) Will Not stop Until They Get Whatever it is they want .. They Would stomp  over every single one of us…Who is the working class and The poor of America …To  Get What They Want….Who Controls the ones that keep us in line? I’m Sure You know……….. The Police and Our Military….. They Are the people We were  talking about.. They  Are Our Country’s Most trusted People. ..Some Cops are Finally  getting it….. Because They are treating people with kindness and  decency….They’re finding out that They can get further With alittle bit a Decency and are breaking  up more drugs Rings, More crime and  Protecting Our Communities Better …Then Outright maliciousness… Today Our Police all across the country are Changing their ways and for the better … Instead of  going after them maliciously and  ruthlessly .They are using Thier minds and hearts instead of their  force …As Our Leaders Are seeing it only creates a revolving door With that type of behavior. That’s why I’m glad a lot of the people in their 80s are finally retiring from Being the  police bosses , and the military and jobs of standard. It’s because of the way they were trained many decades ago that’s where we had the drug war …when the real excuse was the politicians using that drug war to make money for themselves  and That we didn’t know about….But What did it do ? It made a whole country of addicts and opioid crisis  That We’re still dealing with Today…How can No One  see this and not be angry ? Like myself …So like I said We Need to Come Together …..Like one big giant bowling ball No Like one big giant Wrecking Ball, That  We swing it right towards all the Evil…So We Can Whack it right out of the Park and start over ………..Then We Can Start a New and  Better way of Life for All Our Countrymen and Women..We Need to bring our People Back to Religion…You should know Who Created The  People ,The Earth and Everything in it. So we have such a great creator …Why Would You Think for a minute that He Wouldn’t give us the victory over the evil ones that Have been stomping us in the ground.?Think about that, If We All Could Have Alittle bit of decentcy, Alittle respect for ourselves and or others , To Stop the Violence , Stop the Politicans from making our country Their own… To do whatever they want to benefit Themsleves and their croonies……….So they can Profit from it ….And so  they can Keep the American working class people down while they Live the life of Lavishment… While Millions are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads… To care for their families ..While Most Politicans and The Rich , Who Put them inot office .. and the Rich  Haven’t worked a Hard Days Work in Their Entire life………..While we The American People Continue to Put these Jerks Into Office .. Because These Politicans Keep Making Promises after promises That They have No Intention on keeping …So They Can get Elected into the office they are running for ..To Keep their Boot on the throats of the American Working class and Poor..

We The Peoeple Of The United States Of America Need To Come Together and Stop The same old Politcs as Usual .. Our Presdient Mr Trump ..Who Is Making a difference in America Today By changing the way Things are being done in the name of the American People..Yes He is Brassy , Yes He is straight Forward , Yes He is Loud and In your face … Yes He Different than all the Presdients We have had..But He Is Making A huge Difference in Changing America .. He is making  The Rich and Powerful People in America Be Accountable for their actions.. And with some the lack of actions .. He is trying to stop The Back Room Deals .. Yes ..He said he wants to  ‘Drain the political Swamp’ And I do Believe He will .. ………..He is making a Differnce On Step at a Time …  We The American People Need to Put more People into office Like Trump ..Who Aren’t Afraid to say and do what is needed  to make the difference we need ..So They can Drain The swamp Of Croocked Ass Politicans and End their Back Room deals To Profit Themsleves.. When They Leave Office ..Our Country Needs to Come Together ….. We Need To Make them Accountable to All Of US Americans and We Need to start Now.. If We all can Come together We Can Make A Huge Difference In America For All Of Us..Today, Tomorrow and Forever …So Please Do Your Part…Everyone needs to Vote … Let’s get all These Life Time Appointments Out of Politics and Start To Make a Limit Time Appointments to make a difference and So Every American can have a chance of Making a difference..Not JustThe Rich …Make better Laws to make The rich and Powerful Pay their fair Share of taxes and committment to The Country …Because let’s face it the average millionaire pays 1/10 percent in taxes of what they should be…  Who Knows Maybe The swamp will be drained forever .. But it Can Not happen if We All Don’t come together ..With That I Bid You Good Day………..

With That I Bid You Good Day …God Bless..

I Hope this is helpful….Good Luck with Your Loved One …

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  1. I got what you intend, thankyou for putting up.Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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