Thank You To Our Miltary …..

May is Military Appreciation Month …..So We At Savasta Enterprises  Would like to write an article in regards toThank You To  all Our servicemen and women ….

We Would Love to say Thank You For All You Do .. ….It Takes a Special Person To Do What You All  Do……..

To Our Servicemen and woman Who serve and protect Our Great Country on a Daily Basis..We want to Thank You For All .. Your service….We At Savasta Enterprises  Want to  let you know We are Proud to Have You serve Our Country …We want to Say Thank You , To All the Wonderful Men and Women who Serve In Our Military …Thank You for The Willing Act of Bravery And Knowing that You put Yourself In Harm’s Way for the American People Everyday That You Serve Our Great Country ..We also want to Thank you for being there at a time When it is very hard to be away from Your own family…. Yet You Are There  to Serve and Protect  others .. and Our Wonderful Country ..It is a Great Honor and Responsibility that Our Military Men and Women Have  On a daily basis … Our Servicemen and women  Put their Lives on the line every single day and Without any questions Or Regard to their own life …Our Servicemen and Women go through Alot  to Become A  Part of Our Miltary .. With all the training that it takes to do what They Do Especially As their training becomes in grained in them ….When They are deployed into other countries and are put in harms way as a mean to help another country to combat there violence in that country .. Our Servicemen and women Go above and Beyond ..  Our Miltary Personel Serve and protect Our country from Awful Acts Of Violence  from Others Who want to infringe on Our way of life  And On A  Daily Basis …Our  military servicemen and women Are The best at what they do ….They take their Oath when entering the military and they take it Seriously  As They do Solemnly swear (or affirm) that They  will support and defend The  Constitution of The United States Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic; That They Will Bear True Faith and Allegiance to The  Same; and that They Will Obey The  Orders of The President of The United States and The Orders of The  Officers Appointed … They take their pledge very seriously and Will defend Our Country at all cost .. That In itself is  A Brave and  Selfish Act.. So To All Our Military Men and Women ………Savasta Enterprises Thank You All For What You Do… On The Behalf Of All Our American Citizens .. and For Your Country …………………..Thank You …. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…. MAY YOU ALL COME HOME SAFELY AND IN ONE PIECE ….

With That I Bid You Good Day …God Bless..

….Good Luck And Be Safe  …

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