Donating To A Worthy Cause ….Whether it is With Your Time Or A Small Money Donation .. Donating Soothes the Soul ..

I WOULD LIKE TO TALK TO YOU ALL ABOUT PEOPLE CARING AND HELPING OTHERS…. What it really takes to  understand that helping others is a way to give something back for the life you have and for the things you have in your life . Helping Anyone comes from Your heart and it is Not just about money. They Said Donating whether it is with donating your time or money Soothes the soul …You can help people with Your knowledge and with Your time .. Yes Helping someone who is less fortunate then You Is a wonderful thing .. People think to themsleves that they work for what they have .. So Why should they just give it away ? Well ,When You Help someone regardless What it is …Whether it is a little money or Your time….It makes someone know that they Matter and are not alone and someone is there to help them . Many People donate their time and Others donate alittle bit of money…. Both Are wonderful..Now if We All Do alittle bit and Come together to help others,Then it would make the world a better place for everyone .Right? Then I would like to know Why is it That So Many People Would rather ignore the situation in front of them, Then Actually Try to help Someone Or Something ? Regardless of what it is You Donate , Your Time, or a Small Donation of Money ….People Donate their Time On Their Own  Schedule and it helps places like Senior Centers, Schools,Churches and Many other places Just to be a part of something. To Give Your time for unconditional learning and to help people understand and learn to Do something to  better their lives and Then They to Could and Would Give back to someone else to keep the cycle of giving Going….Then There is the Act of Donating Money to Help someone Who is in a difficult time in Their Lives and Needs  Regardless if it  Some Help With Food to Eat, or To get something to drink, Or Whatever The reason they are seeking financial help for . I Know many people say Oh I can’t , Or Oh I don’t have it  …But Yet Many People Have money on them and just don’t want to help someone as they think it is Not their problem or it is Not them… So they just do Not care ..So Before You Judge someone think about if it were You wouldn’t You want Someone to Help You? So I wrote this Article to Hopefully get People to Realize that it is a  Big Problem today with all The people who Need Help and Understanding through a Difficut time in their lives and That We As Human Being Can Make A Huge Difference, If We All Could Come Together and Do Our Share Of Helping  Someone Out .. Please Donate to a worthy cause today .. Many Places are looking for people to doante their time or money …NEVER LOOK DOWN ON SOMEONE WHO IS IN NEED  AS IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE . HELPING SOMEONE IN NEED IS AN ACT OF KINDNESS AND IT HELPS PEOPLE TO REALIZE ALL IS NOT LOST… Thnak you all….


Thank You For Reading This Article  …

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