Cannabis …Buyer Beware…. Please Be Careful…..

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Or  Wherever You Maybe at  this Point in time….This is Not meant as a big writting piece, So Please Do Not Get or Be Nerveous… To All Our Friendly Followers and Readers, Who Like That special Plant We all Know and Love …Cannabis …Please Be Advised If Your Going to Buy Cannabis Seeds………..Do Not Purchase them from the TSSC ( The Single Seed Company,.. As Many of Their seeds are Unvibal and underdeveloped  )and, Barney’s farm (As he is way to expensive ) Or  Mark Emery Seed Banks ( As Mark Emery,is starting to sell seeds again and Jus did 15yrs of federal time in America for fraud of ripping people off from seeds.. just about 2 months he was arrested Again with weed in his car and was claiming to the police ,He was delivering it to a dispensary…  Now You may see in  different magazines , and You will Notice Tommy Chong trying to defend him as He said to free Mark Emery Just be careful and stay away from Him especially ..) … Especially Stay Away From Mr Emery.. I will leave you with this…. If your going to Grow for Yourself ,Don’t Listen to Anyone Else… Unless, You  Really Know the person and You have seen for Yourself What they can do And Have sampled their wares…..If You Don’t Know the Person stay away from their knowledge ..  As It may Ruin Your Cannabis Crop .. Growing Cannabis is as easy as growing tomatoes .. So If You Have Grown Tomatoes… Follow the same Way of Growing Your Cannabis ………So Don’t believe  the hype, and all the other complex bunk information that is rampid online …All You Need to do and I am sure this is not impossible……Is To Find  Someone You Know Who Grows and ask them to either give You a clone or offer to buy one from them..That way You are sure to have a female… Then,  When she gets bigger You can clone her and continue the plant cycle and keep growing.. With that I bid you good ..

Thank You For Reading This Article  …

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