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In Today’s World Millions of People Take Everyday Things for Granted… Such as ,Eating and Drinking …What We Want and We Take for Granted  Such as Electric, Gas, Cable and Internet .As We Think is it a Necessary….. Not A Luxury …Well To  Millions of People It is a Luxury.. To Have Electric, Gas, Cable, Internet and Yes Even Eating and Drinking is a Luxury to Many.. However it doesn’t have to be that way Especially in America .. If Those of Us Who Do Have those Luxuries. ..Then It should be Easy to Donate to Help Someone Less Fortunate Then Ourselves .. I know Many People think Oh It is Not My Problem Or I Can’t Make a Difference…I’m Only One Person .. Well If We all Try to Donate Something to Someone or To  A Cause That Does Help People and Families Who Are Struggling or Don’t have the Means to Support themselves or their Familes  Who are Less Fortunate Then Oursleves…. Then We Are Making A Difference One Person At A Time.. When We Donate To A Cause Or Help Someone Who is Struggling….. We Make Them Know , That They Matter or The Cause Matters Such as Donating to Cancer, MS, Or Other Causes Such As Food Donations , And Helping Our Community by Giving Something to Our Community Action Programs and Other People in Our Communities .It is a Shame that We Have People Standing In Street At Traffic  Lights Begging for Donations to Eat, Holding a Hand Made Sign Saying They would work for food….. Because they are  Homeless……………When We Come Together…. We Start to make … The Causes Matter…… And Show that Doing Our Part to Help Shows People That They Matter …Then Others Will Stop The Excuses and Start to Help One Person at A Time and Then ……….We ALL Make A Difference ..To Where No One Goes Hungry Or Homeless… When We Help Someone We Know… It is Great…. But When We Help Someone We Don’t know It Seems to Matter  Even More Because You Just Don’t Realize How Hard and Difficult  It is  For That The Person You Don’t Know To Even Ask For Help .. So  Before You Say You  Wouldn’t Make A Difference…. Think About If It Were You And It Took Everything You Had To Even Ask For Help To Have Something to Eat or Drink , Or To Ask For Help Paying an Electric or Gas Bill … Or Whatever The cause is That You Donate to … It  Is a Dam Shame That We In America Have Lost Our Way and Humanity Of Actually Caring for Human Life .. So Please Donate to a Cause Any Cause Today And See How Empowering It Is .. When We Come together, Anything is Possible .. So Please Try to Contribute Something  to Any Cause As it Does Matter and It Will Make a Difference One Donation at a Time……..

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