Running A Website/Blog Is Time Consuming and Costs Money….Please Help Keep Our Website/Blog Running….

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I wanted to talk to you all about Fund Raising and Donations to Help a Website’s cause .Many people go online and to websites.They read the articles and follow the website yet they dont seem to do anything to endorse or help the website . Many people say one thing or another about How nice the site is and How helpful it is Yet No One Donates to any of the causes I find it alittle distrubing Because As I have read other Websites/blogs and seen some really nice articles withing the site and they have a Donate button ..Which Many people even say Oh I wish you had a donate button – Which Most Sites do I guess it is just the person’s way Not to Donate ..But No One is Donating so I did . I receive a Thank you from The website in regards to help them wih their cause . I was suprised when they told me many people follow their site and No One else had donated and they were running their website at their own cost .. So I had exchanged email addresses with them and We were talking about How much time and effort goes into our website’s articles with investigating the facts so we can write the truth about actual things going on and about life’s events and facts.I found this upsetting becasue with all the websites that are really useless and aren’t Any Good Nor very relieable or aren’t very truthful..Yet they continue to get support for their website/Blog .. So I thought I would ask You All what is it that people really want form a website/blog? The truth and actually articles that You can use or associate and relate to and with  Or some gossip and Not very good . That the aritlce is just a run on of unuseful inofrmation? Now If You Think Like I do I would rather read informational articles and actual facts of things I can relate to and about and Ask the website where to get more information on the topic in the article …Then Gossip and Untruth -Unuseful informational websites /blog are only taking up space and Really aren’t helping anyone but themselves .Now I know first hand running a Website/Blog Does Cost Money and Yes Many of Us take it out of Our Own Pockets and Yes It is Very Time Comsuming to Write Articles Especially If They Are Truthful and Informational It takes Time and researching them and then time to Write them . So Yes It Would Be Nice If Everyone Who Vists Websites/Blogs For Them To Donate To Help Us Website Owners Keep Our Websites /Blogs Going .. To Show Alittle Appreciation For Our Work and Our Commitment to Our Website/Blog ..So  Please The Next time You Vist A Website/Blog… Please Try to Donate Something to it and always try to leave a Comment to the Article’s Owners May see that their time and Effort is Appreciated and Not Wasted .. Many People Have Told Us At Our Website/Blog That they Love Our Blog Because we give Informational articles and Actual Truth in Our Articles , As We Write Articles on Actual Facts and Real Life Situations .. and it helps them Deal with the same situations in their lives and that It Really helps them . Many Have Told Us About Their experiences in looking at other websites and the fact That many are Just Gossip .. So It is Really nice to see People actual Do Care and They Actually Love Our website and the Topics We Choose to write about ..So We Would Like to ask You all to Help Keep Our Website Running,… When You Read Our Website’s/Blog’s Articles Please Donate… It help Us to keep going and giving real life situations and Events to let people know their Not Alone . Also to give informational articles to help people deal with everyday situations .. So Please enjoy reading Our Website Articles and Don’t forget to leave a comment and Donate to Our Website ..Thank you Savasta Enterprises.

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