[wpforms id=”2767″ title=”true” description=”true”]In Today’s Online World there is many ways to start a  Website/Blog …Depending On What type of Blog/ Website You what and want You want to do with that website/ blog. Now the Best Website to Have is a Paid site….Because They can and will do everything for You …But it Costs Money … Now If You are Computer savvy….. Meaning if You know How to set up a website and Know Html coding and other things related to computer programs and How to set up Your own site..Now Not A lot of people are computer savvy and tend to have a computer hosting computer set up their Blog/ Website … Which sometimes can cost a pretty penny …Depending on what You want from and out of a website …  Now There are alot of website designs  out there that Web Hosting Hosting companies can and will do it for You ..But at a cost .. Now a lot of people start with a free website/blog  like wordpress and they can walk You through the process and set it up with You .. But it is limit to what Your site will look like and actually do .. But it usually is better to start with a free site so You can see How  a Blog / Website runs and if You actually want to keep doing what it is Your site is about .. or if You want to stop it ….. Then Your Not out any Money…………..Running a Bog/ Website is time consuming and takes an effort to run one that will grow and You and Your Followers  can benefit from it…. Now A Lot of People Start a  Blog/ Websites as a means to Gossip and it  just takes up time and space as Many People who go through Blogs/Websites usually are Looking for information articles to help them with  a problem or situation and that is very beneficial to many many people and is How Your blog/website is passed around through people on the internet…Now I have said it is time consuming but worth it in the end….. Because People will get to know Your writing style and find topics of use very easily and it becomes very helpful in doing so ..NOW… I HAVE FOUND THAT WRITING TRUTHFUL USEFUL ARTICLES ON LIFE EXPERIENCES AND OTHER INTERESTS PEOPLE WILL COME BACK AND WILL CONTINUE TO COME BACK AS YOU GET PEOPLE TO PASS ALONG YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG ARTICLES TO FRIENDS AND PEOPLE THEY KNOW TO HELP THEIR FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER AS IT HAS HELPED THEM .I FIND BEING TRUTHFUL AND NOT POSTING GOSSIP HELPS PEOPLE TO DO JUST THAT ..So Before You start any Website /Blog Sit down and think about What You Really Want to Have a Blog/Website For ? As I Have Said Before …Think about if You want it to gossip or actually have a site that will benefit the Public? Then sit down and think if You want a paid site to send Money on a monthly Basis for A Paid site Or If You Want To go with a Free Website/Blog ..? Then You Have to decide what do You want out of a site ? Think How You want Your site to look like and if You can design Your own site which requires knowledge of computer programing and design … Then You have to Decide do What You Want Your Site To Be about ? Like if it is About Gossip or an actual product or service? Or about Actual Life facts and experiences ?  NOW MANY PEOPLE START WEBSITES FOR MANY DIFFERENT REASONS…Then after You have decided which type of platform You are going with ( Paid or free )Then Once you decided , You Will have to set it up and Begin writing whatever Your topics of interest are ( Like what it is your site is about )…. Then You can continue to write on Your Interests and You will decide how often You want to write .. Usually people write once a week in the beginning and then go from there.. A free site is always better to start with to see if it is really something You want to do and stay with .. …..I would seriously recommend a free wordpress site to start with and if You like it and stay with it ………………Then I would recommend You to change to a paid site as They will design Your site the way You want it to be and what You want it to look it .. and go from there…..I personally like the paid platforms as it gives You more to  work with and will do more for You So You can learn as you go …………… Especially for those who do not know much about computers …. designs and programming can be a little confusing but if Your Willing to Learn as You go It is A Wonderful learning experience ……………….  I hope this information Helps You in Your pursuit….

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