Utility Companies Out Of Control and Robbing It’s Customers ……

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In Today’s world , It seems that everything costs money and that people will do just about anything to get it .. Many big companies like Our Electric , Gas ,Cable companies have grown Into a monopoly On Their Products .. The cost of Living has grown so much to be able to live a mare existance … People are finding their monthly bills are growing But their salaries are shrinking .. How Are these Corporations  Able to keep rising the costs of their services … Such as Utilities .. The Public Utilities Commission is supposed to help the community to be able to have what people need and at a Fair price .. Yet These Corporations Are Growing at a vast rate and It Is Outrageous….Low income people  and Our Elderly are finding their electric, gas and cable bills growing but their monthly income is shrinking .. Especially people on any sate or federal Assistance Like Social Security , Welfare, snap benefits and other State or Federal Assistance that is out there to help low income people ….People live with the fear of having their utitilies shut off especially this time of year as the state laws make it impossible to do so because of the cold weather and serious weather conditions that happen in the winter months…. But… Now that it is spring and summer is on it’s way People will be needing air conditioning …So These companies  shut people off for the money they owe .. Without regards to anyones situation ….They shut off people electric, gas. and cable .. with the regards for payment and unless you can pay your pass bill you will remain without serivces .. Now These maybe ok for some people …. Because they have the money to spend… But ask them to help someone else out because  they can’t afford their bill Many will say  it is not their problem ….. Many people struggle to find The money to pay for their Monthly Bills just to live .. Now Most People live Pretty decent and Have all the Necessities They need and can afford them just find but to some people it is a luxury to even have Cable … Now With all the money these corporations are making they should be letting the ones who are shut off in the spring and summer months to Pay what they could just to keep the service on .. YEAH RIGHT …………………Hell No…. They want as much money as they can make and then some …………Now there is Places that can help low income people to be able to keep their homes heated in the winter but there is Nothing to help Anyone in the spring and summer with air conditioning  or even a bill they could not afford to pay and were shut off .. Well I think if We as human beings started to learn to Help each other in society and learn to help out whenever we can…. it would make Our country a better place for everyone .. Now the average Electric bill is $80 to $150 .00 dollars On a monthly basis and For gas It can run into hundreds ( For heating ) And For The most part People can get help with both these Utitilies But However No One is Monitoring the Cable Companies as It is deemed a luxary and If You dont pay the bill or Can Not afford the bill Then You are Shut off with No One to Help .. These corporations are making hundreds of thousands of dollars on a years basis if not millions and No One  is Really regulating them… Back in the 80 ‘s When Cable Companies were coming into play… Yes It was a Luxary…. But Today It seems to Be a Necessity .. As Children Need it to do Homework for school …and The Costs  of Cable Have gone through the Roof … The average Cable Bill For Tv, Phone and Internet is about $210.00.. Everything Today As Been Inflated and Out of Control Just For The Rich to Get Richer and the Poor to get Poorer… Now How Fair is That ?…….It Is Not …………Our Countries Public Utility Commissioners Need To Address the Growing Problems of Inflated Costs Of The Utilities And Bring Them Back to A Decent Price and STOP these Compnaies from abusing their Company’s  Utility  As A Means To Get Rich and Keep The Money Coming In at a vast Rate …. Someone Needs to Make These Corporations Know it is Not Ok to Take from the  Country’s People and Continue to raise their Products Cost .. Now We Know some Products Cost more But It is Outrageous the cost of Cable That these companies are receiving for their Services .. Now Once their Lines Have been connected and Up and Running Basicially Costs Nothing to keep running …So Why Do They Get away with charging Such an Outrageous cost forIt ?????…Because Most People Just Pay The bill and Don’t Really pay attention to  what it is They are really paying for .. So Please take a minute and actually read your Next Cable Bill and See Exactly What Your Paying for ……OUTRAGEOUS RIGHT? WELL….. WHEN People continue to just pay a bill they dont even read what it is they are paying for  Then These Companies will continue to raise the costs of their products .. Especially these cable companies …Electric and gas are no better ….But Those are A Necessity …But Should Not Be Allowed  to Continue to Rob it’s People from services they need ….  Now There is Help Out there For Electric and Gas But No One Helps Anyone with the Cable Bill But  Maybe there should be.. To Help People Be able to have a necessity They Do Need and Want ….But Can Not Afford .. Even If These Companies Lower the Bill To Help the Low Income People Be able to have the serivce … Now Today The Cost Of Living is So Out of  Control ….These PUC -Public Utitilies Comissioners  Need to step Up to the plate and Help The people within their state To Be able to Have services at a reasonable rate Becasue God Knows They Could use a cut in their service costs Especially Cable…. They are Out of Control …….Well I Hope This Article will Help you realize that The cost of living is getting out of control and That Maybe One day No One But the Rich Will Be Able to Afford Their Services .. … Many People today Live Pay check to Pay check  and Have no savings to rely on …Our Country Needs to Reel These services Into Check and Bring them Back to a reality price to where everyone can and will Afford there Services …..I Hope That This Article Helps You To Understand How these Companies Are Out of Control …..Pay Attention To Your Bills and Make Sure  Your Paying For The Services You Actually Use And  Want …Not For What The Can Charge You For …….Because ….If  You Actually Read Your Monthly Statements You May Just Find Your Being Charged For Services Your Not Getting or Using ….

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