Good Morning,Good Afternoon Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At This Point In Time …I would Like to take a few minutes to talk to those of You Who are really seriously thnking about investing money into some kinda a cannabis business. Well First I can tell You that Rhode  Island Is not the state. Between the license ,insurance , security and other hidden fees , by the time you get to grow in this state You will be about a half of million of dollars in debt . I wanted to make this quick so let’s move on to some of the bigger states Like Washington state …I have done a lot of research between Washington state, Oregon, California, Colorado and Las Vegas ….Which are the five biggest with Calfornia Being the Biggest ,But let me explain to You some of the road blocks You will run into as a small farmer ..First of all this includes every state that has legalized it in their states out right , Or so it seems ..If you have done the research I have You will find out that every state involved with cannabis has inside their states which we used to call county’s ,townships, provinces, and what the states do not tell You Is that alot of the cities, towns and areas That I have mention ….Don’t want cannabis in their cities, towns, or provinces and the states that are still not on board with legalizing cannabis is even worse .. Right now I would say trying to get yourself into the cannabis business is like the old cowboy you know when they had to get up in the morning and put on their guns and boots and stepped out into the wild west… well that is exactly what is going on right now in these businesses..It  is like the wild west of old ..Here is an example the people in these states with the big farms the really big farms … Well they are starting to see that they can grow cannabis and turn a Hell of a profit at the same time…So what do you think the next move was ? All the farms in certain areas that I have I mentioned are coming together with other farms which is creating mega farms ….Which squeezes the little farms right out of business or sucked into the bigger businesses .. It is called monoploies and they are popping up All Over ..They are actually capitalizing on everything and anyone they can push out … and that is the little guy ( small businesses Like You and I )..This is to be expected considering that they Tell us it is a new industry emerging But those of us in the Know , Who know their History , Should know that the Pilgrims brought Cannabis Here when they came to America It was one of the most wildly  cultvated crops in every colony especially jamestown the first colony where it all started … But You see friends something Old is Becoming New again .. So I suggest to you that if you believe You have say $50,000 and You Would like to test the waters so to speak First Do All the research and get all the information you can get your hands on talk to stock brokers and money men .. second before you spend your own money on your own business see if you can get into business with someone who is doing this and see if you really like it .. See how it is run on the day to day operations on a big scale and then you’d know how much of a scale you would need to get your off the ground and Who  knows the people who you have worked for might just help you get your own business and get you started in the right direction … Yes maybe they woud want something for it but I am sure it would not be as much if you have done it on your own …Third if you do get one of your own farm or business running I would always do business the honest way … Here is a secret I want you to know …I believe Most Poeple are only getting into this for the money and believe me Now that big tabacco and big pharma are looking to get into the business themselves and so are the south American cigar companies and if they come up with a good cannabis cigar that just might be something Wouldn’t it ? Think about what a box of cigars looks like , with all the nice eye catching art work Pretty neat right ? Why not do it with cannabis…. Right? It is called advertising …. Well anyways I thought I would give you a few thiings that I see that can and will happen in this so called new industry which is not really new it is 6000 years old and with that I bid you good day ….

Thank You Again For Reading This Article  …


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