Summer time  is here…..What a Wonderful Time of Year ….When Everyone is out and about….The weather is beautiful and as it is  starting to get hot and humid …Everyone will be looking to find a way to  cool their body’s temperture…..As  Summer Approaches Everyone is finding one way or another to cool off..As the Air conditioners are in the windows or For those who have central air conditioning Are fast to cool their homes and bodys………….Families and friends  are Coming together and having cookouts and having  fun…..The Children are out of school and looking forward to the Wonderful activities of summer and Having a Wonderful time … ..Summer is a wonderful time of year… When Everyone is doing whatever they can to have Fun and to  cool off ……As the summer months are hot and humid  and it makes  people seek to cool off……The children Love to go swimming in the water and have fun doing so …. There is so much to do in the summer months ..As Many people take vacations during the summer months to be able  to enjoy the time with their children and family . Whether  they  are going to the beach or staying close to home… Families are taking a vacation to another state to do something like going to Walt Disney world, or going to a nearby Water Park or something to cool them off…. While giving themselves a break of the hustle and bustle of everyday work. Many People who have Pools in their yards …open their pools and use it to cool off.. Many other people who Don’t have a pool tend to go to a near bye beach and cool off.. Many inner city children use the garden hose or small pool to cool off and others tend to use the city pool nearby others use the fire hyrant to run through and cool off only till the fire department comes to shut it off .. THEN only to be repeated the Same thing next day…hahaha .. Children today are very adaptable to cool off in the summers heat .. summer is a time of fun and games for the children to enjoy their time off from school and try to make the most of the time they have …. summer time is also a time where the utilitily companies charge and out rageous price for the electric as many people need it as a Necessity due to having health issues such as Asthama and COPD … Also due to heart problems and many other health issues people are required ( and asked to stay out of the hot humid heat ) to stay inside with the air conditioning and to avoid the heat ….The Gas and Electric companies accross the country, Have the utilitiy market sowed up …To where the electric goes up during the Spring and Summer months and The gas goes up during the Fall and Winter months…So The Utilitiy companies accross the country are making a huge profit margin due to inflated costs .. Now back to summer .. Many places Hold Summer activities for the whole family…………Whether it is  going fishing on a pier or swimming in the local beach or going to the bigger beaches and staying all day … Then there is always the Lemonaide and Ice cream trucks…Which seems to be fading as many decades ago you would see an ice cream truck everyday and everywhere…Now they seem to be at the ball fields and beaches where the children are swimming and playing ….baseball, softball, soccer,  to give the kiddies a chance to  have something to cool off ..Not to mention the children love the sweet treats … summer time is about letting the children have fun and play sports .. there is softball baseball and soccer going on all over and it gives the children a chance to compete in the game against  other teams and to let them try their hardest to win and have fun doing so …Summer time is really wonderful time where there is games and children having fun everywhere ..people at the beaches trying to cool off and relax in doing so ….I went to a ball field the other day with the children playing baseball and it was nice to see them run the bases and have fun in doing so …. The ball field has a small conseccion stand where they sell hotdogs, hamburgers and  other foods to snack on and ice cold drinks …..Then There is going to the beach or in the pools .. Where children are learning how to swim and play in the water …Then there is going to the feasts and carnivals and just having fun  which There is So much to do in the summer … So Now the heat and Humidity is here for a while Please remember to drink plenty of water and stay cool … summertime is a time of fun in the sun  .. Be careful not to get burnt keep the Kiddies safe and put lots of sunscreen on everyone .. Please pay close attention  to the children when you are out and about especially at the beach or carnivals..Keeping are children safe is the most important thing we as parents need to do .. Have fun and be safe ….Before you know it summer will be gone and the kiddies will be back in school ..

Thank You Again For Reading This Article  …

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