[wpforms id=”2767″ title=”true” description=”true”]In  Today’s world People seem to think they are better than the next person and it seems to hit many People by surprise…In today’s world .When we are born, As we grow up We go to school to learn and through the years of school and learning and deciding What We want to do with Our lives ,We developed friends throughout Our lives from grade school to high school and On to college….Then When We go out into the working world, We tend to make More lasting friendships to last  throughout our lives… But as People grow up they  tend to lose contact with some of their friends from childhood…As ..We tend to  make friends throughout our lives Whether it is through work or where we chose to live we make friends…In hope they will last and grow as time goes on .. To Deepen the bonds of friendship.. Is a wonderful thing to have someone Who You can trust and depend on  and On a moments notice, Is a wonderful thing …..As We have created  and  developed relationships that go on through our lives and makes lasting relationships of friendships….. But as We grow up and go On with Our own lives….. We tend to lose track of people from Our past and make bonds for our future …We  seem to keep a few friends of old….. As be bark on Our  journey of life and the things in  Our lives  that is thrown at  Us … We go on with Our lives and starting our own careers and families….. As We  go through it all ….We tend to think of Our friends as Part of Our family and In most cases Our friends become Part of Our Family  ..However We tend to lose our way from the friends of old.  However the ones We do keep as Our friends and We stay close to only to have our hearts ripped out and be used, controlled ,manipulated and and taken advantage of  from the ones closest to us ….It seems to weigh heavy On Our hearts…. This is so wrong in many ways ..When Anyone …..Let alone a so called friend makes one think that one is less then themselves is Cruel , Demeaning and Very Hurtful ……Only to make themselves feel better … IS SO WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL …  What We go Through throughout of lives is a Lesson of life and How Life  has many ups and downs and How We handle and  deal with these ups and downs ,  Is up up to Us …… As an Adult we learn that The Actions of another is on them..As Everyone is responsible for their Own actions …….No One can control another  human being unless that human being allows them to do so …. Now a days people think of friendship as What a Person can  Do for Them….What they can get out of One Who They Call a So Called Friend …. However in Many cases as We Grow older and learn for Ourselves that A SO Called friend is doing this to us We Tend to leave that Friend Behind Us to Better Our Lives Without he drama…..  We Try to Develop Meaningful Relationships with People who are like Minded  … As the Old saying goes ‘Be  Around Like Minded People’  …..We create a Bond of love, care, concern and as We Raise Our children together in Hope that Our Children will have everlasting Bonds for Each other as their parents have done and continue to do … However many friendships Do Not last as long as we would like for  Whatever the Reasons are ….In Many cases friendships fail for whatever the reason be … many friendships fail  could be Over Money or the Fact that They have gone on with their lives and just decided to do there own things….. Then When something happens a friend  Finds out What their so called friend is really like…so they Just walk Away from the friendship and situation … . I wanted to talk about the actions of people in friendships.. Now  a days people are self centered and think they  are better then Others Who are their  own friends …….Some People are very Hurtful , Especially if they are caught doing something bad or wrong and in a relationship, That person tends to blame the other for their bad actions…. When in the past a friendship was a bond between people.. Built on trust, care, concern and  in some cases Love and devotion  to one another and that either one would do anything for each other. When a friendship is made it usually starts out by a meeting and coming together and as a friendship grows one would do things together. Such as going out to the movies or bowling or some kind of activities like going to the beach or having a cookout  and Then as time goes on One trusts in a person that they call a  friend … One trusts another and tend to talk about life events and situations and heartaches and pain so they turn to their friend with personal information and they seem to come together to help each other through good times and bad..  But Today it seems that a Friendship is Based on How much money You have …..How much you can do or give that Person …..and Is Not on Based on Loyalty, Care and Concern. Many people today think that they are  the only one that matters and In some cases one friend seems to think they  are better than the others and it just is not So.. A friendship is Not based  on How much money you have or How one thinks They are better than the next person and it surely is not About Gossiping about One Who is Supposed to be Your friend and Then turns out That They Really Were Never Your Friend …..But a Person who is  seeking to Demoralize You at every turn only to make themselves feel better and that they really were Never a friend to Begin with…… I want to talk about a situation I have recently been put into.  You see My half brother got married 3 and 1/2 Decades ago and His wife had a child Who is My Niece and Then they got divorce and they went their own ways…. I never knew who she was or where she was till one day about three years ago …I meet with my ex- sister in-law and my niece at a Newport creamery here in Warwick Rhode Island…Well We had meet for lunch and talked about How we all were doing and what was going on in our lives and all,  Since then I have created a wonderful,  caring and loving relationship with my niece and her mother and I have become really good friends with her mother who was my ex-sister in-laws ..Who I just lost contact with as  a child and did not know what had happened.  Anyways  since then we have had a wonderful caring loving and family relationship.  Then one day my ex- sister in-law ,Who I still call my sister in-law came to me about a situations she was having with one of her so called friends ..and that this friend owed her money and was controlling her life and the lives of her husband and child …my niece.  Now these two have had a relationship for more  than 3 and a half Decades and that this so called woman owed her money from money she loaned her …But this woman was being tight fisted about paying her back ..she owed her $530 .00  left from a $1500.00 loan from her 4 and 1/2 yrs ago and still hasn’t not paid her back…. Now this woman gets irate with my sister in-law Because She knows she owes the money but does Not want to pay the money back.  This woman has a knack of getting her friends to do things for her and Not paying anything back…Now she  has many people who have unfriended her because of her snotty attitude and thinking she is above everyone else and they all have tried to be nice and ask her why she is behaving that way yet she just starts shit with them and ignores to pay them back and then this woman would rather go out and buys things she really Does Not need but wanted and then makes others think she is a victim of the drama …Drama That  she has created and then it causes more headaches then one needs… So Everyone Just walks away from her. My question to her is Why would you treat your friends as your personal  staff,servant and person bank? Then be tight fisted when someone asks You To pay them back? Now over the decades of being friends ……They have gone camping and Have had taken vacations together… Their children grew up together only to have their Mother ruin their childhood friendship over money…. Now The Children are in the middle of One Mother’s Drama….NOW HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS WERE YOU ? How would you feel if Someone you knew and had a friendship with Did This to You ?  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  Well as I have told her she deserves to be paid back  The Money that she was  Nice enough to loan her …. That She  deserves a friend who will Not degrade her and take advantage of  her at every turn … This woman has done to her at every turn over 3 and 1/2 decades  Now that she has someone who has become a true friend and advises her as one …Not to  let this woman manipulated her again.. For Her to stop giving into her and her demands of being put down and made fool of… Now this woman who thinks she is better then one she calls a friend ……Dam with a friend like this Who Needs enemies …Right? … Well My Sister in-law has decided for herself to walk away from the friendship of drama and pain … Well I hope all of You who are reading this article and has a friendship with someone who you value as a friend or even family Who you can count on and depend on  and know they would never hurt you …My hats go off to you .. keep that friend and Value that relationship and treat one as you want to be treated  Yourself ……. with that I bid you all good day ……..

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