Loaning Money To A Friend May Ruin Your Friendship ……………Please Think About it Before You Do ……

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In Today’s World , People who are supposed to be Your friend and want favors from You Only to screw You In return….. I say beware if someone You know wants to borrow something , Anything Especially Money ..Because One thinks borrowing from a friend is No Big deal Especially if they have the money to loan ….Well , Take a Good Long Moment to think about if You are going to actually get it back ..As loaning things to friends tend to cause good friendships to go bad and quickly  ..I know a friend Who  Had Another Friend ……Now Their  were Good Friends for a Good 36 plus years and She felt bad for this friend Who  She Thought was going through a tough  time in her life and Needed help to pay her bills ……..So this friend loaned her $1500.00 …..Well , As one might think ,she would pay it back ASAP!…. . Well No She Didn’t…..You See this other woman thought because They were friends, She did Not have to pay it back ..Even Though She signed an agreement to do so .. Well As the Years went by this woman did not pay the loan back in full …She has Nickle and dime the payments to the Friend who loaned the money … Then things started to get out of hand….. When the woman who borrowed the money started talking about the friend ,Who had been there for her So many times throughout their friendship ., To Other People ……The Friend who loaned the money was there for her when, She needed it the most ….But The Friend Who Borrowed the Money Felt She did Not Have to Pay Her Friend Back, Even Though She Need it was A Loan .Then the friend who loaned the money to her started to put some distance between them … Due the Other Friends telling her that Her So Called Friend was talking BS about her and It wasn’t Right ..So The woman who borrowed the money  started to Talk badly about her friend who Help her out and Loaned her the money to everyone that these two women had known throughout the decades old friendship which made the friend who loaned the money even more upset .. So…. She Just Stopped being a friend to the one She had loaned money to… Now Here We are 4 years later and this woman who borrowed the money still owes $480.00 to a friend Who was there for her ..The Woman Who Borrowed the money has turned Really Nasty and Outright Mean to a Person She called a friend for more than 36 years . Over Her Own Greed and Not Wanting to Pay Back A Loan …. So….. You See many people can loan money and get it back but it depends on the person and the situation as I have said ………..So Please before You loan Anyone, Anything Specially Money To Anyone .. Take time to really  think about if it is a good idea ? If You will get it back?  when will you get it back ?. Then make a decision on those facts…Because Anyone can say they will Repay money that they borrowed But Some just Don’t Did They Have To  do so ….Now this is Another Great Example of How a Friendship is Ruined  Over Greed …… Over A Friend Who Thought She Was trying  to Help  a  Person She Thought Was A Friend and Really Wasn’t …This person has betrayed the Bonds Of Friendship for Money And Tried To Ruined a Good Person In The Process ……Bye Mean words  Of Gossip and An Empty Promise … SO Please ……Please …..Please….. Before You Loan Anyone Anything Think About the OutCome .. The Person You May Save May Be Yourself ……..WITH THAT I BID YOU A GOOD DAY ……………….

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