Cannabis …Real Recreational use ? Or… State Sanction Drug Selling for State ‘s Profit ?

[wpforms id=”2767″ title=”true” description=”true”]Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening , Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time , I want to talk to you all about The Cannabis  Issue That is Going on in the State Of Rhode Island .First I would Like  to Say Something to Our Governor Gina Raimondo , I have Written Her many times . But You Have Not Answered, Any of them……For Many Decades Cannabis, Marijuana , Weed, Pot Or Whatever You Want to call it Has Been Illegal . More Than 50 Years Now All Of A Sudden It is becoming Legal for a Profits for the State Governments , Who Just 10 short years ago Would Have Put you or I  Or Anyone Else for that Matter  in Jail for Narcotics Trafficking…What A Hypocritical Joke  ………Now Many Governors , Who Do Not Know anything In regards to this Plant Except ,Making them A lot of Money … Now Many States are Having Pot Shops Pop Up Everywhere ..

Which is an add on to the dispensaries that separates the Medical use of cannabis to the recreational use ..Now Don’t let them Fool You Because Some are trying to control the Potency of the recreational end of it .I Believe they can do it all it takes is to get a few Good Strains You Know The Best Sellers  and Paying those growers a little bit more, to water down the strains and Keep growing the same type of plant Where it would water down the plants strength… Now Our Little State’s Governor wants to control it All .. Now You May Think this is No Big Deal But it will be , When it is  costing people more money to get the full effect of the cannabis plant …..While The Politicians Are Laughing all the way to the banks.. Then To Our Surprise, Our Very Own Governor’s Husband , Here in Rhode Island  Owns a Huge Stake In One Of The Largest dispensary Here is Rhode Island. That Dispensary ,Which is the Slater Compassion Center Located In Providence ,RI. ,….. All The While Our Governor Wants to take All The Home Growing Away ,……….Well…..We All Know……… At Least Those Who Would grow it That it is One of the Biggest and Best Part of the Cannabis Plant and That Is Growing it……… The way You want it,Not the way They tell You How to Grow it .. Right?  Many Want Clean No Heavy Metal And No Dangerous Fertilizers in their Cannabis …Which Just Is Not Happening Even with their supervision ..I personally Have used  Products from their Slater Dispensary and the Summit Dispensary Here in Warwick RI and I have to tell you Summit is the worst..Summit Sells Grams One of which I recently had Named Purple Chem.Well I have been doing this so Long That I know All The Tricks They are using But Would Never them Myself …..Remember the Purple Chem I just Talked about Well I had a Gram and when I opened the Tiny Bag Which was Minuscule at Best … The Buds were NO Bigger Than my Pinky nail….I also Found A Gift Inside … A Seed..Imagine That!!!!!!The Man Just Gave Me His Strain ,If It is a Female … Well Here’s My Theory ,Someone around here has one of those quick trimming machine , Maybe even a stand up one Those are the ones you get the tiny buds from Then you would keep all the trim and make hash oil from , Which is where all the Money is right now ..But, I have a funny Feeling , That This Person was either trying to make seeds or Their Plants turn Hermaphrodite, which is a plant with a female and male flowers on it .. Once they saw the seeds they probably cut the flowers  so small after they collected the seeds they could find , Not Realizing that seeds can go into the middle of the buds , SO That’s Whoever You Are Who  grow this strain  Thanks so much , Especially if it’s a female, Because then we will see exactly what it really can look like because Definitely wasn’t any purple color to it …..Like A Lot of Other Strains They sell, It Had a weird Piney candyish taste Which I have to tell you friends If anyone feels shitty a few days later and your mood turns bad  after a weeks without it You Will Know It Was PGH’s Which is Just Steroids for plants…Which I know People around here in Rhode Island are using them like crazy .Has Anyone Asked themselves Why they have so much pot? and That It All Has the same smell to it ? Well It is probably from Same Growers who are using this to Boost Their Yield and favor …Comm On Pot Doesn’t Smell or Taste Like Candy …..Although There are a couple of strains like the blueberry and the Columbine gold and a few others who have natural hints of flavors in them ..I am just waiting for the time when someone flips out so bad from the build up of these PGH’s and They harm someone or themselves Because Then It will be Good Bye to the Cannabis Industry all together . SO If I were any of You Growers I would Heed my words … Grow Natural ..The Governor Here is Already Taking the Home Grown Away… Which Means everyone who is growing inside and is a caregiver Will Not Be Aloud to Grow anymore Unless Your Lucky Enough to be Pick as A State Cultivar …. Which will give you the right to grow the weed for the state But You Won’t be Making Much Money as you think for all Your Hard work and I don’t think she will be allowing Outside growing either It’s a Plant That Belongs Outside Governor ..I’ve tasted the best Pot I’ve ever had From Being Outside  Grown … Without Much Food … It is A Huge Difference .. Our Governor would be Happy if it were grown Outside Because it is an all Around Better Product… Plus You Would Know it is Safe ..Because organically grown Doesn’t always mean Totally Organic ..Well Have to see What Happens In Our States Future…. If I were You I would Contact Our Governor and Tell Her You Want to Be able to grow Your Own Plants Outside Fresh Clean And Natural, Without Her Meddling in it .. Because  Let’s Face it NO One is going to Grow The Way You Would For Yourself …. Because You Would Control what actually goes into it .. SO Everyone Needs to contact  The Governor Of Rhode Island …..Governor Gina  Raimondo  and Let Her Know We Want Our Rights Heard and We Care …. Not Only That But Everyone is forgetting the Most Important Part …Is the money going to go into a general fund for the state For everyone to use or Is It going into the state House Crooney Fund For their Personal Use  Otherwise Known As A Slush Fund .Especially if it is Unwatched and Unregulated .. SO Rhode Islanders Make a Difference, Wake up and Make Our Governor Do For the “WILL”  Of the People Not the ” WILL ” Of Governor Gina Raimondo … After All This is Not A Communist State Is It???????I have One More Thing ….I Have to Wonder, If  What The Cannabis Industry Really Is  ? Is It Just State Sponsored Narcotics Trafficking In Cannabis Because We All Know That If Any One Of Us Had Gotten Caught and set Up Shops Like The states Have Done We All Would Be Doing Decades In Jail .. These Politicians are Only After the Easy Money It is Making .Now Our Governor Wants to Take away Our Rights To Make Our Own Medication.. Or Our Own Supply Regardless of the Purpose Of the Use ..  With That I Bid You All Good Day P.S. Don’t Let Our Governor Control What You Put IN Your Body Make Her Know We ALL Should Be able to grow it for Ourselves and Control What We Put in it ………


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