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Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe At this Point in time……………………..It’s Sunday Morning , February 17th 2019… I was Just Sitting here thinking about How young this Country Really is …But then again, How old it is quickly becoming ,And I don’t mean the people …. The other day I was thinking about this ,After reading a book about unsung heroes,That most people Don’t even know Who  they were or what they did .But their contributions to this country Were invaluable …So Now think about being in Boston USA in 1765 .There are people around like Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Adams, People Like Doctor Joseph Warren , Bet You Never heard of him… Hun?  Take Mr Warren For instance Ten years before We Had any Problems with the British ..Mr Warren was a doctor In What were called the Colonies.He doctored All of the people in Boston ,The poor people along with the rich people at the time .Until one day as the months were progressing the British are putting more Taxes on the colonies that they just did not want. SO The people reacted Violently to the Crowns Tax attempts.Now Mr Warren also was know as a good Speaker .So He would write things to the people of the city to come together and resist the British’s taxes and the crown and if necessary to go to war. It is exactly What happened ..Even on the Day when the British had 3 man of war ships in the Boston Harbor holding 3 separate regiments of British Professional soldiers. Who were Ready to march onto the people in the colonies, Who were Just farmers and there were very little guns and ammunition. But there rose up a general by the name of Israel Putnum .Who gathered up all the men in Boston ..Most men left what they were doing and grabbed their muskets, and went up to Breeds hill .Where they had an over hang dirt wall .Where the men would hide, and they made a line all the way down the wall to wait for the British to Come over the Hill . Now at this time Putnum was walking down the line with Dr Joseph Warren , Giving the men encouragement to the men as he told them Don’t Fire Until You See the Whites of their Eyes. Now I would like you to think of something . Think of Yourself being there behind that dirt wall ..Out Numbered, Out Gunned And Out Supplied .. But the resolve these men had for this Ideal ,Which had Not been said yet about this Country Called America .This was only the beginning ..    After that fateful battle at Breeds Hill ,where the Americans pushed back the British, For the first time., But There would be another . This one the British Over Took the Colonists ,And Joseph Warren Again was the last man on top of the hill still fighting . He was the last man on the Hill, When he felt a pinch on his right ear and fell down dead. Now I wrote this little part  to maybe push a button in the brain of whoever reads this to understand How Much Blood was spilled… Not to mention How much of the country was ruined .Now Let’s Come around to today . I myself ,Am just like the men I just told you about , I wonder How many people would run to the cause if we were invaded ,Like Our President has been saying? Back in those days there wasn’t billions of people in world let alone in this country. So it was harder to raise an army and defend Yourself let alone try to build a country .Which  is what they were trying to do and They did  ..Now Let’s be real with each  other here, Do You Believe All those Great men and women, Who Faught for this Country and gave their lives for this Country , For Freedom , For Liberty , For Justice , and For Taxation with Representation  ….  and Fought for the right To Tax and Govern Themselves .,That we would have the country we have if they Did Not do What They Did ?    I am sad to say ,I believe the Freedom in this country is Not Real Freedom. Which Freedom  is Leaving this country, Maybe if your a billionaire  like the President, You would have the freedom …But The  Rest of Us ,Aren’t Truly Free …..In This Country Freedom is a guise for Oppression… No Matter How Slight it May be …It is Not So Slight today .. So, Do You Feel Oppressed?I know I do Sometimes .Anyways, What I am Trying to get across is,  If anyone doesn’t understand, Is if those men and women so long ago, Did Not have the Zeal that they had to make them fight on ,and to keep fighting . Even when everything seemed lost ,They Kept fighting .This Country Would Have Never Been.  So When I see A man Like President Trump Who is Nothing More Than a Shrewd Business man .. Who is very ,very, good at making Deals .Sometimes He makes Really good Ones..I mean he is a Billionaire Right? Now if President Trump Lived in the Young Days ,When they were fighting the British I wonder What he would have Been doing ? Would he have been hiding?  Or would he be high on a horse just Shouting  Bullshit to all the men under him ? But I digress ..I Just wanted people to see ,How all of these people came together slave, free, polish , German, Irish, Italian, They all fought together .. They all showed us that anything could and is possible when people come together for a greater cause ..United We Stand Divided We Fall ….Right Now We Are Divided Big Time, And Anyone Can Not See that  Then They Should Take Their Blinders Off.. Now, Who Really Fights Today for the Good Of Something as Important as Freedom, Like they  did in their day ?I hear A Lot of talk, But I don’t see A lot of Action  …. And That My Friends is One of Our Biggest Obstacles, That We all Need to Face in This Country. The  Obstacles, I’m Talking about are People Who Can Not Get along Because this Country Has gone  from a  Free Country  to a Country ,Who thinks it is Entitled to things that are Not theirs  and In turn that causes other Countries to Not Like us.. Now, I wrote this article to let People know a little bit about Our country’s History  .. As Tomorrow is Presidents Day…Which Basically Means Nothing  to Many People In This Country .Why May You ask ? I believe it is a simple answer .. Most People Don’t Even Know A Little bit of Our Country’s History… Especially these immigrants coming into  America. Now I am Not putting Them or Anyone Down , I am Just sick of seeing Our own President Putting Other Human Being Down That  Only He seems to feel are some big Invading Threat . Well I have a question …. If This threat is So Big How Come We haven’t heard about it for  Last 100 years?You see I know for a Fact That  when someone runs for President and wins They come in with a totally new administration , Yes they may keep a few hold overs from the old administration,But other than that ,They Hire who they want for their Own Reasons …So, Just think a moment if Everyone on the face of this earth was as cocky, brash, and arrogant as President Trump has shown Himself to be ,Or I would Not Be Saying it.  Our Country would have One war after another on Our Soil .I wrote the first part in Hopes that when you read this you will understand Just how Far this Country Has gone from what the founders wanted in  Their Government .To What we have for a Government, Now .. If You Can’t see that, Especially Over The Last 30 Years ,Then God Help Us All ……With That I Bid You All Good Day.

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