They Say In Rhode Island That You Don’t Need To Know Anyone To Get a Decent Job Today, But It’s The Same Old Same Old .. It Is Who You Know That Will Get you Ahead….Rhode Island Politics Are All About Keeping the Healthy and Privilege In The Offices They Hold ….Not Doing What They Promised To Do During An Election….Once Elected It Is Like ….”Who Are You ? Right?”

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You May be at this point in time .I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the things that go on in communities with Politics . I Do Not want to sound like someone who is Ranting …… But …What I am seeing in this state right now from Our Governor Is Nothing more than the same old same .. There is  old saying..Which I don’t know if you heard it but it goes like this . In the state house and all across our state in every political office from mayors to state representatives,  Is The Appearance Of The Law Must Be Upheld Especially While It Is Being Broken .. No offense to the Governor But I believe She and along with some of her colleagues are doing Just That !

Money Falling Background ~ HD & 4K Stock Footage #22760323This is all the Politicians Care About … MONEY…..How Much They Can Steal or Hide .. and ..So They Don’t Have to Pay Taxes on The Actual Amount of Money They Have …

It Is A Dam Shame….. Many Politicians Pay What A Waitress Pays in Taxes….How Right Or Fair Is That? .. These People …Who Are Our Politicians  Should Be Paying Their Fair Taxes But Somewhere, Somehow These People Are Not Paying Their Fair Of Taxes ……….Right Along With Our President …

Our Politicians Fight over the Stupidest Things and Want to Blame Each other for Not Doing the Right thing When They are No Better Than The One their Complaining About Right?

Cartoon Gorilla Banging Chest Vector Clip Stock Vector ... This Is The Democrats Simple GorillaThis is the Republicans


Free Animated Gorillas Gifs Page 2, Free Gorilla ...This is Donald Trump… I WANT IT MY WAY UNDERSTAND….?




Liverpool v Everton. 27th Sep at 12.45. | Page 15 | GrandOldTeam Every Politician Should Come Together For The Better Of Our Country Not Themselves Or Their Wallets ……………………..


Brave gorillas fighting in a wrestling combat - illustratoonsPoliticians Should Be Coming Together For the Greater Cause Of Serving The People Who Vote Them Into Office … Stop Fighting over Stupid Shit and Come together For the Good Of the People ………… BTW Trump in Background Watching these Politicians Fighting Over Who did what and Who Is To Blame …..Hahahahahaaa….Right?

It discuss me but it doesn’t surprise me at All ….Because we all know and I don’t know about any of you but since I have gotten older my outlook and the way I think Has changed .. There has to be a point in Our lives that we have to Stop Acting like children Especially Our Leaders .You See if we continue letting the few bullshit the many , and Believe Me there are Many ,Many ways that Our Politicians all across Our Great Country  Deceive The American People and Believe Me these politicians know every single one of them . My purpose here is Not to jump on their mistakes or shortcomings  as the imperfect people that they are , Just Like the Rest Of Us. I think their problem lies somewhere in the middle . They get elected . They make it sound great to all of Us..But Once they get into the job …You start to see Just How much a Person can get away with… I  believe that is when things go south. Hasn’t Anyone seen this especially with the young adults who are running and get elected into office .I Don’t Know about You , But That makes me very Nervous .. I Don’t Give a Dam What College he/she went to Because The Political Arena Is Really a Vicious  Place From What I see and Hear .. Not to Mention Very Cut throat .. I just Doubt that Anyone who is very young without much real world experience  Would Not be Able to Navigate the Political waters they are in against the older ones who know all the Tricks .The worst part with these young politicians is  They have some really good ideas but they are very radicule. I don’t know If Rhode Island is really ready for that …Do you? Let me just say there is no point, If real people with real problems with real children Can Not Come together, Then The Problems Don’t get attended to..Which There is a really very simple word it is called Unity …….You see ,you can blame anyone you want in the state , country or even the world ,But Don’t Blame God .Blame the voters who voted these people in.. Now You May be one of these people who regrets voting these people into their chosen office..Now we all need to come together to Vote these people out of Office and Put Someone into Our Political Offices So it benefits the State as a Whole …..Not Just The Person who gets elected and the people who they put into their administration and Wealthy .. But Everyone …No Political Office Should be A Lifetime Appointment . As This is How people get corrupted and the cycle continues.. .. That way If There is A limit on terms They come in they do 1 or 2 terms and then they move on .. This Way We Could and Would get Rid of Corruption All together . We the American Voters Need to Make Term Limits all across the country from Mayors ,Governors ,State and Federal Representatives, to Congressmen and women All the way up the Ladder .. As With The President. The Presidential Office is the Only Office that is A Limited Term Which is great as to Not Let them be Dictators …We The American People Need People who have Never Been involved with anything Political .. But the Problem with that would be there is to much dam greed in this country ,  to much excess of everything and the biggest thing and the most detestable thing about this country is There is no compassion or Feeling for another human being … Because People Don’t care about People like they did 20 years ago. I am speaking about the real care from the heart and soul . Like when I grew up My neighborhood would come together Once a month For A Neighborhood cookout .. On a Saturday and the whole neighborhood would come , and everyone would bring something..It was just a good good time. It did not matter if there were black men or women or any of the shit we put up with today..Now like I said It was A Good Time . You could see the people liking each other not for what they had But for Who they were……… Neighbors .. Now today Most people Do Not Want to know their neighbors as they just ignore people or give a quick wave and they go into the house .. We have come so far from being the Good Neighbors of the past.. As with Politicians of Old, Would be Out and About to meet the people But Politicians today have Lost Their way ..More and More Politicians are getting Caught and Being arrested for crimes, Regardless of their nature.. Then act like their sorry but their not they are only sorry Because They Got Caught !  Just Take a Good Look At The News. Anyways  Politicians should Not Put themselves above the people who voted them into the office they are in ..They should be out in the communities they serve to find out exactly Who the Voter is and What the voters in the communities  Really want…Not Just doing something to make themselves look Good but for the People who trusted them and voted for them, and put them in the office the are serve in .. The Constitution Says For the People By The People and With The People, Not just for the Politicians and the wealthy who pay to get them elected..  Every Single Politician SHould Start to Show They Actually Care About the American People Not Just Themselves…… With that I bid You all Good Day  …


Elephant and donkey in business, Vector clip art ...This is Our  Politicians… When they are together they don’t know what’s going on an Act like They are more important they the People who put them into the office they hold ..Right?


Elephant and Donkey Fight | Ali Spagnola's Portfolio POLITICIANS Are  Always fighting for Who is stronger with the most Power will win…..Our Political Powers…………The Democrats Versus The Republicans  Are Fighting For Control ,Over Everything But what The American People Really Want and Need And That it Unity and Togetherness.. To Make Our People United as One Country ….  To Benefit Us All Not Just The Rich ….





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