Decentcy… Where Has It Gone ?

In Today’s world People are only thinking of themselves and do not really care about he next personson it is only about what they can get and how fast they can get it . Morsals values and personal kindness seems to be a thing of the past . Everyday there is some kind of mean nasty hateful acts listed in our newspapers and media all across the world let alone our own country . Our President Mr Trump Doesn’t seem to help in this matter at all . He is always saying or doing something to upset someone  ( People , Groups or even other countries ) It seems No Matter where you go someone has a problem with someone . Now I know it may sound harsh but it is true today most people have forgotten the decentancy they were taught when they were little . People today aren’t so quick to help anyone .. regardless of the situation and it just is not right … There is still good people all across Our country and even in the world .. the problem is people stopped caring and became so selfish that they just can not think of anyone else but themselves …. People have also becomed  so Isolated and aren’t so quick to offer their hand .. regardless what the issue is .. Now it is a shame that in America this has become a way of life and everyone is ok withit but it just is Not right .. Our country has always been a wonderful country of neighbors heling neighbors and people heloping out wherever they can but in todays society it seems to be  lacking very badly …So If You see someone say Hello . If You know someone who needs a hand lend a hand if You know someone is hurting talk to them it is not going to hurt You to be a decent human being nor to get involved .. You may feel better in doing so  Not ot mention it will make You a Better Personin doing so .. It seems if we all go one step further it will make us all a little bit nicer, a little bit Kinder, and a whole Lot better as a human being ……

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