Rhode Island Governing , Different or same as Usual ?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening , Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time………………I would like to a moment to talk about Our Little State of Rhode Island and the Problems We Are faced With Everyday .With that being said, I wasn’t planning on Bashing Everything I see being done That I Do Not Like Myself and I surely can Not understand for the life of me Why all the people in this state Can Not see the same things that I am seeing ?. SO What Should We say than? Should We say it only makes sense that Our Governor and only God knows Who else seems to be only doing things that aren’t very solid for the lower classes among us In Our State …I am sorry Governor But I have to let people of Our state to know and I feel it is my duty, and in my heart and soul yet again to let people know that I , Myself have written You many emails , To No Avail …..So That makes a person very Leary, Of Our Leaders . I am sure That I am Not the only one . You see I would love for all of you in Rhode Island , Who Live and work here, To know Our Politicians take a good portion of your taxes to do so and than call it a  privilege  to live here ? What a Joke ! When one is Not  allowed, By whatever means is stopping Them, Especially when it comes to contacting your elected  Officials .They set  up a computer, and put some 20 year old out of college kid to scan her mail and calls  ….Believe me folks Anything  important , Gets thrown away .So The Cannabis issue is also something that was dear to my heart but because you have a bunch of self serving ,ignorant people who Lack any Knowledge of the issue all together and to make it worse these so called leaders who do not know Anything about cannabis but It Makes money ..Which is all they care about .. So I really had a positive attitude for this state for what governor Raimondo said she was going to do But now I see Unless she tells me herself that she is just another person who got into politics and seems to be  making herself rich from it  and doing whatever she wants to in the mean time .On the other side of that coin , There are real people like myself and my wife and many many others Who I am sure would like the say In What and How the Money is spent in this state .I mean come on let’s face it , How come No One is talking about How much Money , Cannabis has brought in already . Again folks …………It is A Lot !  Well I don’t know what else to say other than I believe it is just politics as usual with a big old black blanket thrown over our eyes. I don’t know  How Anyone else is doing , But if your doing good God Bless You And with that I bid you good day ..

P.S. By The way I will Not be writing to our governor about cannabis anymore because it is just a waste of time .

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www.savastaenterprises.com Now I have tried for 6 years yet without a word from her and it just shows she is not worried about any of her voters and it only matters when it is an election year and she wants everyone out to vote For her to get Re-Elected ..

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