Our Little State With So, So, Many Problems … Where Should we begin?

Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good EVening Or Wherever You Maybe at this  point in time .. I would like  to take a minute  to talk to you about an article I read in one Of Our Local Newspaper……….I was thinking about Our State ( Rhode Island ) or About What so  some people say, I myself Believe the status and postion of this state is in all the wrong hands and like the last fifty years …Who make all the wrong decisions …  Which are all Very  wrong , wrong wrong … I would like to know , Really like to know…If I am wrong .. By hearing from You , Other Rhode Islanders . I don’t sit here and write these articles …Just to hear myself speak… I do it Because first God gives me the words to speak and They are all truthful words from my heart ……….Sadly my heart is Not the typical heart in Rhode Island….. I am what they would call a generous giver  of my time , money , house, tools , and all around good giver … This  Type of behavior is something that is lacking Epecially with Our Children in Rhode Island … Now I am not trying to bash Anyone.. And I’m Not trying to tell you How to raise your children ,But Tell Me Did Anyone Read Our Local Newpaper ( Providence Journal ) with the Gay Pride On the front page ? I don’t know about anyone else in this state , But all of those gay people who came out…About What  Bishop Tobin Tweeted o said , and Protested against him…. Are the ones who are wrong..Now Don’t get me wrong…. I Don’t Hate People Who are Gay or Whatever their deal is…. I hate the Behavior ….. Because We all know and We have all been in church , If anyone knows anything… If God wanted people to be this way?  …………. Don’t You think He would have made  Only One Gender …Like A man for  A man and A woman for  A woman ? But He DIdn’t …. Because of The Need to Be able to have children and let Our Wold Grow and Go fourth And Multiply  Another Thing  that Riddles Me Is … If Everyone was Gay ……….Which means there Would be No More children being Born .. So How Would the World ( Especial In Our  Country … As Big as It Is  and  As complex as this Be able to be run by 200,000 gay people  and grow ? I Don’t think It could .. What happens when they all get old and there is NO Children to Take up the righns ….SO You see I have already Debunked Their WHole LGBT community … Right there …………..Which Many  of the LGBT ….Do Not believe in God , Because If they did They would know that if they read the Bible and knew the laws that were passed down to mosses from god they would That God Hates The Act or homosexuality .. As The BIble  says No Man Shall lay with Another Man Nor Shall a Woman lay with Another Woman … and the penalty was death .. If Mosses caught You He would walk you a mile out into the dessert and Cut Your Throat and leave you there for your bones to be bleached by the sun and you would not get a burrial .. I am Very Sorry if this sounds so firm… But I have  seen the whole LGBT Go from Gay and Lesibian to this whole LGBT and has gone way out of control …I has been pushed in many places in the streets, markets schools and many many other places and it seems to be the only way they can get the attention they want .. Ok Onto something else as I didnt want to make this about gay people .. Matter of fact if any of you out there that have anything that is dear to your heart like the big mistakes Our lovely Governor  Has already made with Your money and mine .. Now I could  say something very rude about her but I won’t .. But I will say any Governor Who Only goes around Looking for money Under every rock she flips over and believe me she is looking under every single rock she comes across .. It May Just  Be Your own Patio… I myself am very leery of someone who would spend 9.2 billion dollars in a little state like this ,Only to find out we are deeper in debt insead of pugging it and who is really benefitting from it ? Only the elderly and the rich … As usual .. Not to mention the politicans in Our state….well Like I said if there is anything You Would like us to write about Send Us an email @ savastaenetrprises@gmail.com and we will be happy to write an article on the subject …. Thank You For Reading this a Article .. Please feel free to donate ..

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