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Good Morning Good Afternoon, Good Evening Or Wherever You Maybe at this point in time ..I would like to take a minute to talk to You about the Cannabis situation in Rhode Island ……. Now I don’t mean the quanty  of it … Because there is A  Lot of it Around Everywhere Or the Names of it …….Because most names people throw around are Just names ………..Especially in the compassion centers ( At Least Here in RI )  hey are names of strains that some Mo , Larry and Curly made up ….Alot of growers are putting names on their plants just to attrack people to want it …When it is nothing more than a average plant ( a name of something in the area of regular weed … ) Now this brings me to the whole point of this article and You can disaggree with me …..If  You would like to …….It is Your choice to do so …But… If Your Going to grow anything Just for the money ..Which .Experience tells Me that The name of the game is Make as much money as possible and telling lies to do so is a huge problem .. Everyone lies about the plants they are growing just to do so .. Now I know that to be true on many levels because I use to grow it Years ago , and I know the stuff I grew got Me high 6- 12 hours and this shit out there today is a 10 -20 minute high and people are just to stupid to realize this because they love the taste ( which alot of cannabis is tasting fruity , sugary, citrusy and like candy just to get people to buy it…. Which Kills the potency of the plant …People are Just excepting it because most of them are ignorant to the ways of this plant… This plant comes from decades of growing it and using it and Now it is allowed for medical and person use all across Our country,…. So  people think it is supposed to taste this way and grown  indoors with chemicals which cause a harshness in Your Chest and Lungs …Now all of a sudden Everyone is trying to grow it and think they know everything about it  to do so ..It seems like everyone wants to be the Chief instead of being an Indian… When they Really only know what they have read in a book, a magazine, or on the internet .. Instead of personal knowledge and person experience over decades and To Use Excepectional products in doing so .. So That people can experience the true taste of cannabis …Which is a piney , cirtusy , carophyllne  ( which is a terpine that makes cannabis spicey ) and there is alot of other flavors in it ( But Not A Candy or sugary flavors ) Then there are people who do not rippen it properly WHICH IS A HUGE PROBLEM .. Because they are in a hurry to sell it …So they can  make as much money as possible from it …. Instead of letting it dry naturally and cure properly…. So One can actually Enjoy the natural flavors from the cannabis plant … Now I am Not trying to mock others in the attempt of growing cannabis because it takes time ,Patience and experience to get it right………….. But in today’s world people are mixing plants that really should not be mixed and then putting flavors in it which is not what this plants produces But to let their plants grow naturally and organically is the RIght thing to do ..Which is Not What People are doing …One would experience a better high and get a better and longer lasting affect of using a plant grown naturally then with flavoring and harsh chemicals … Now it seems like people are so proud of their grow and What they have produced …But when it comes to growing any plant , Growing it naturally and in it natural habitat, and feed organically as nature intended Is the only way to grow any tree… Then and Only Then Will You Experience a Natural , Long and Wonderful Tasting Plant…One That will Last for Hours Not  MInutes and You will Experience a wonderful relaxing and powerful  high From the Cannabis Plant … Now everyone is hiding their plants as they are afraid of being arrested in areas where it is illegal and or have rules for growing it and are forced indoors with harsh chemicals and fake lights ….Not exactly what nature intended .. So Before You Even think about growing any cannabis plant, think about it this way ….Do you want something natural or something chemically made? Then think if you want to experience the natural favors of the plant Your choosing to grow or Do you want it to taste like fruit or sugary favoring ? Then Think If Your Only after the Freaking Money ? Think about How You are going to grow it ? Where you are going to growing it ? Then think about the genetics You want ? Then Find out as much information as possible on the plant You chose to grow .. Then make Your decision of soil or hydro (which is in water )?  Remember hydro uses chemicals and soil can be made 100 % natural with out harsh chemicals.. Then think if Your going to grow in soil ….Think if you are going to grow outside or indoors?  .. Remember outdoors is natural lights and indoors is fake lights .. Remember… a natural plant lives and breathes and outdoors is always best and in soil is also the best …….. Once You try a natural grown cannabis  and the high from it…. You Will Never want Anything Else ………… You will Know the difference between the different types of growing technics and How Cannabis Really should taste and affect You and Your Body ………………………..Once You have grown Cannabis and Chose A Strain You Really LIke , That should be a Strain You Keep Over The years of Growing Her You Will Get To Know Everything About that Particular Plant …… Now the Natural affect of cannabis  usually takes a body 3 or 4 days to get use to it ..Unless your body is full of the chemicals from cannbis grown with chemicals and not grown naturally  …..Then You will Not Feel the true affect of Naturaly grown cannabis .. Unless You get rid of the fake chemicals You have been putting in your body fromt he cannabis you have been smoking ..So If You Decide to Grow Your Own , I would sugguest  You Not Smoke Until Your Own is Done ….So Your Body can clean itself from the harsh chemicals from the cannbis you have been smoking from others … Then and Only then will You Experience the true taste and affects from cannabis ….. Who Knows Maybe the One You have choose to grow ….Will hit you like a ton of bricks…Depending on How you dried and cured your plants ….. Well With that I Bid You Good Day.. 


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