Christmas…………A Time of Love and Peace ……………..

In Today’s world people all across the wolrd are celebrating Christmas … As This time of year is usually a time of love and peace . However many people  Just have lost their way to the true meaning of Christmas and have commericalized it into a season of spending money for gifts and buying things one just can not afford and it has taken the true meaning of chirstmas  away from it .. The True Meaning of Christmas is that Christ was born on this day .. Many people has Taken the Chirst out of Christmas and have made it about the all mighty dollar… Spening money they do not have on gifts they normally could not afford nor would they give the gifts because many families are not as close as one would think … However because of the Holiday – Christmas Families, Who normally dont see or hear form each other, On a daily , weekly or Even Monthly Basis .. People will Go out and spend money on gifts to please one another and to make themselves Look good at the family get together … Well Many people should Take a minute and think about What the true Meaning of Christmas is and why it is called Christmas ? .. If You know Anything about Religion and / Or the Bible it Tells Us the whole story of chirst.People should come together and help our people regardless of if it is Our family or Not … Giving of Our time and resources to the needy and less forturnate and doing so in silience is what it should be about , Put  ‘Christ’ Back into Our holiday and remember what Jesus Christ did for everyone ..Christ was Born to Die for All of Our sins.. Jesus Christ Was Born in a manger in Bethlehem ….He was not born in hospital or home but in Stable with Many Animals… After Jesus was born there was a big star that rose up out of the east . Now somewhere in the world there where these three kings which most refer to as the 3 wise men .. They followed the star until they found the baby… SO when they did they kneeled before him ..One had a gift of frankencise another had a gift of Myrhh and the other had Gold ..They laid the gifts before him.. Then they went to the Inn to get refreshed … Then the Angel of the Lord came to them also and told them that the King wants to do horriable things to newborn and anyone associated with him . So the Angel told them another way to go ..Christ was targeted from the day he was born  .. Which is why he was born in a Manger (Jesus the son of God was born) instead of an Inn ( Because there was No room )   ..Then  King Herod wanted to kill every child under the age 2 . But the Angel of the God came to Joseph in A dream and told him it was Not safe for the newborn there because the king seeks his Life , So the Angel told Jospeh to go to Egypt . Then they stayed in Egypt till the King died ….When it was safe ….They went back  Islreal and settled in a  place called Nazereth . ………..So the Prophcy was furfiilled that day . That the one born will be called a Nazarene…. John the baptist prepares the way ….. As Jesus grew up his father Joseph was a carpentar by trade So of course Jesus wet to work with him and He to became a carpentar ..The early years of Jesus Christ  are really unknown to Us . But we do know he follow  His Heavenly Father even at the age of 12 , He would go into the big synagogues, Of the Day and He would preach God’s Holly word and the biggest and brightess leaders of the time where blown away by what came out of his mouth … they would ask who did you study under he must have been a wise wise person yet Jesus would leave into the crouds .. Then Jesus grew up with his earthly father Jospeh learning carpentry….. Until His Holly father Called upon  Him to furfill what he was born for which was to come down dwelt in the flesh among us .. Jesus lived  to bring sinners Back to God … Then Jesus formed 12 disciples to help him in his earthly mission ….Then Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples. Because of all the feeding and healings and mircles The highest Jewish leaders thought Jesus was doing these things in the name of the Devil, So they Plotted against him in using one of his disciples agianst him ( Who We all know as Judas ) Then he took 30 pieces of silver and he bought a field with it and as he was walking in that field he tripped on a rock and his gutts spilled and in that field is where he died .. Then Jesus was taken to the Romans Where he was beatened and flogged and Then he was brought before Ceaser Himself ……Ceasar Who was Nero (who was a bassard )Said to Crucify Him ..So Jesus was brought back  to Jaudea….Where the Romans Crucified Jesus … No Bone was broken because the Prophcy said No bone would be broken ..Jesus was beatened , whipped , He had a crown of throns slamed on his head, ( which he was bleeding profusously )He carried a Cross which was heavy up a hill , Which Jesus dropped a few times and He was given help by a man in the crow ( who was Simon, who was forced by the Romans to help ) Then He got to the Top of the mountain ( which today is called by some The place of skulls ) where He was Nailed to the Cross and Crucfied …Jesus was taunted , spitted on punched kicked and all manor of vial behavior .. At mid day  Jesus was betrayed by man By  6pm God turned his back on him because God Could Not look upon all that Sin … At the 12 th Hour There was a gaint earthquake and the temple at the bottom of the Hill that Jesus said in 3 days I will make this temple Fall .. Well Jesus Said ‘ IT IS FINISHED ‘ AND HE GAVE UP HIS SPIRT TO GOD … While all this was going on the temple was ripped right down the middle and three of the foundation stones were broken …. Jesus had die on the cross …Now three (3) Days Later He Rose …… Now this is What Christmas…….. IS… all About …. When we People start to put Christ Back Into Chirstmas Then and Only Then will we begin to realize the true meaning of Christmas and How wrong we really are ……………………. With that I Hope You All Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday Season ……………God Bless and Take Care …

P.S. So Even Thou getting gifts and giving gifts is Nice Try to take a moment to Remeber the True Meaning of Chirstmas ………..And That is………. Chirst was Born and Died On the Cross for All of Us …..

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