Govenors, Mayors and Even Our President’s Misteps …. Across The Country …

I just want to take a few minutes to talk to the Country ( Not Just My Little State Of Rhode Island ) . I wanted to talk about the Mayors and Governors across the Country and Even Our President … Politicans  Who Think they have Control Over the Populis of their States. Well I am here to tell You All if You have taken the time to read and understand What Our Founding Fathers Have written in  The Consitution of the United States ,In Which so Much Blood Was spilled for it , and Now in 2020 , People are acting like that Document Means Nothing ..Now I am Not sure How many of Us, In this great land of Ours Still believe in This Document and What it represents ? I will tell You all what it Represents… It means every man, women and child Born Into this country or came here legally , Has the Right to Pursue Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.. Which means that These Politicans who are changing what they believe in  their own thoughts on How to take care of this pandemic ( the Corona Virus ) Which is Not a Pandemic at All . If People would go back to the 2017 , 2018 flu out breaks all across the country In which the politicans did not tell us about . I advise anyone to look up the numbers on How many died during the 2017 and 2018 flu  and put the numbers of people who died   up against the people who died from corona virus ( Which is a Flu )  ..You will see the numbers are way off and Because the Politicans blaming the Corona virus for all the deaths happening during this so called pandemic Just so They can get more money from the Federal Govenment ….Just Doesn’t Add Up ….. Now Let’s take Rhode Island  The Biggest problem with The Governor of Rhode Island , seems That the people in Our state are Blind of What she is doing .. She is on the line of a Tyrant .. Politicans are using the Corona Virus as a Mean to Enforce Whatever Rules and Regulations on the people of their State . Rhode Island is No Different . With Rhode Island Being the Smallest State in the Union, It seems to attrack the Worse in People and Politicans and Has the most corruption.. It is a Dam shame the people in Rhode Island are force to Live within the rules and regulations set forth by Our Govenor Gina Raimondo.. Seems like this is her Last term and she does not care what the people of the state think or want .. She has spent Millions of Dollars setting up make shift hospitals and Not even using one bed . The Taxpayers of Rhode Island have had enough …. We Want Our Lives Back and Want Our Rights back .. The tax payers want explainations of the millions of dollars she has spent on stupid things We won’t even use . When there is so much more important things to deal with Homelessness, poverty , and loss of Jobs ..Just to name a few . Putting rules on Churchs and bussiness owners is Not right ……Yes.. Everyone wants to be protected , Yes…. Everyone Needs to Do Their Part in times of Crisis ……In Which the Politicans Across Our Country Have Labled this Corona Virus a Pandemic … Requiring Everyone to Follow What They Say is for the Best of Our Country …When Many of the Politicans Do Not Follow their Own Rules , Yet Expect Everyone else to  follow them WIthout Questions.. Our Country Has Been taken Hostage by the Politicans .. People are Acting out of Fear… Horriding Toliet paper, paper towels , cleaning supplies , health suppies such as sanditzer, alcohol , soap ,masks , gloves , etc . Supermarket Shelves are empty and the owners are having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked .. Hello People didnt You use these items before this so called pandemic ?  Our Governors and Mayors and Even the President have let the people in the United States  Down ..The Politicans Have let the People Languish without Care or Concern …You Politicans have cost the American People Their Livelyhood .. Money and Their freedom By Enforcing , Your Rules, Regualtions and Quarintines… Making People get tested and Forcing People to Not work and Earn a living…..  Many people live pay check to pay check and Now suffer losing things ,They are Accustomed to…………….When None of You Politicans Have Lost a Dam Penny…. Nor Would Anyone of You …… You Have the States in Limbo … People are scared and People are Angry … People want answers Not just told what the politicans want Us all to hear .. Because It is wrong .. We Have a Consitution for a Reason… Our Country is The Greatest Country there is  and Ever was .. When Good People Do Nothing Evil will Flurrish ….We the People By the People For the People……. Is What Our Consitution is about .. We have come so far , Yet We have a long way to go . When All of Our Politicans Stop thinking About Making a Name for themselves and Making Money from it  and Actually start to think about the People in their state and In Our Country ……Only Then Will We Grow and be the Country Our Forefathers Hope and Dreamed for …Then and Only Then WIll Our Consitution Mean what is says …. I think it is High time  Everyone of Us Throughout  the Country Need to Come together , March On the State Houses and Even the White House , To Let  Our Politicans Know That We have Had Enough .. Make Them Know They Work For Us ……….The People of the United States .. The Tax Payers ..The Voters ………..Who Put them in the office they Hold .. Stop All the Politicans  From doing Whatever the Want, When Ever they want and Make them Accountable to The Taxpayers .. This is what Our Founding Father had in MInd… All along … As Benjamin Franklin Said We All can Hang Together or We All can Hang Seperately and Thomas Jefferson said From Time to Time The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Bleed WIth the Blood OF Patriots and Tryrants Alike ……Something That Hasn’t Happened in Our Country In  A  Very Long Time … So Please think about….. What are We Going to Leave for Children and Grandchild in time to come ?  What Kind of Country will they Live in and Deal with ? We have come a Long way and We have a longer way to go……. But…….. If We The People of The Untied States Come Together It will be the Greatest Country Ever …Let’s Stop The Politicans From keeping Us all Hostage……Bring Our Country Back to the People .. Make Our Country a Legacy of Hope , and Dreams for Our children and grandchildren and make them proud to be an American… Make Them Proud of What Our Country is and stands for … as I am Sure Many of Us are .. with this I bid You all good day …

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Hopefully You will Really think about This Pandemic..

Start to think Of other Yourself and Others ..

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