living with your neighbor

Living in a family oriented neighborhood is at best  clam before the storm … Everyday people who live in the same neighbor have problems, Because People are Rude, Rotten and self absorbed..They are in their own little world ..They think you don’t belong in the neighborhood.When you have lived in the neighborhod for decades ( If Not your whole life ) before they even knew it exsist .When you live next door to people who think they are better than you or that for whatever reason you are beneath them …It causes problems within the neighborhood and causes people to be not so nice ..When in reality you are better then them .You try to be the peace keeper. You are the one who tries to do the right thing fo the right reason ..Than they act like you are the problem, When it is clearly them( The neighbor) who create the prblems.. Whether it is talking about you , ( about your life events) or What have you ,just to make themselves feel better.or Than you have people who just don’t care what their house looks like … They plant trees , shrubs and bushes and flowers that don’t go together and over take each other and grow out of control… They dont trim them and leave their yards in disaray.They exspect you their naighbor to keep them trimmed ..Many towns have ordinances saying if it grows into your yard you can trim or cut them however that only makes them even more irate about you because your force to do so to make your own yard look nice .Well I think People need to stand up for their  Rights and go to their local town halls and talk to their city council or mayor about changing the laws and ordinances so that you will and can have some relief of these types of neighbors.. Make the ordinances to say that if it is your property that you are responsible for the up keep of the property ot Make them pay for the up keep of their lawn and yards ..Anyone’s time is money not to mention all the effort it takes to trim and cut trees, bushes flowers and grass your home is Your castle and You should not have to have a neighbor Who is ignorant or just out right lazy…People It is Your Yard and your mess to clean so start to have some compassion or at least consideration for Your neighbor.. As they have the right to be free from your debris and not have to look at it..Or even have to do the up keep of your yard… Neighbors of old are no more …So before you cast a rumor think before you speak ..Would you like to have to go to work,Then on the weekends cut your neighbors trees, shrub, bushes and flowers ? I think not …so If your going to buy a piece of property think about the up keep before you do… Before you move in ,Get to know your neighbors… As rumors can be concerning but the truth will set you free…Be kind to your neighbor and they will return the favor…Better yet, They may surprise you and actually be a person you just might like ..So remember be kind ,be nice and be patient and most of all be neighborly….Tention within any neighborhood is hard  on anyone Especially for the other neighbors  who live in it…. So Please think about about your actions and keep the peace .. The Person you may save Just maybe yourself …….


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