Corona Virus- COVID-19 …Out of Control Over Pricing and Hoarding ….

In Todays Society People have ripped the stores clear of all paper , cleaning and sanitary products and many are just hoarding it . Why ?   Hello People didn’t You Clean Your home before this pandemic ? Haven’t You santized and washed your hands throughout the day , Before this pandemic ? Haven’t You gone to the bathroom and wiped Yourself with  toliet paper Before this pandemic ? Haven’t You  had Papertowels in the house for spilled and wipping your hands Before this Pandemic ? Haven’t You Had Rubbing Alcohol and other health related things in Your home for medical reasons or just to have them in the house Before this Pandemic ?People are Running to grocery stores and cleaning the chicken , eggs and other products They want Not That They need them Just just so they are stocked up …They are even buying drinking alcohol  …..Haven’t You cooked food ( Soups and other food to eat ) Before this Pandemic ?   If People are getting sick, Why aren’t they buying out the cold and flu medicaitions at the stores ? It seems every time bad weather or a health issue comes up people get scared and go out buying things they normally should anyways and Wipe out the stores and People who need things can’t get their regularly supplies they use regularly, Due to people buying and hoarding products they normally would not think twice to buy …….Why are Store over charging for products they Normally have in stock and charge half the price of them then they are charging now  ? Pharmacies are charging Outrageous prices for hand santizer and  Rubbing Alcohol and other things people need Just because they can ? Attorney Generals all across the country are taking complaints about Stores , Pharmacies , and Even the Public consumers, Who are trying to make money off this  Awful pandemic . People have been playing off other Peoples Depravity  for centuries and it is Not a Good Thing….  Have People really lost their Morals, Values  and Decentcy  that bad ? That they play on peoples fear only to make a profit off it ? Yes …… Hello People Stop and think about what you are doing and How You are behaving .Think about How you would feel if it happened to You ..? Stop Thinking about making a Dam Profit and Start to be a Decent Human being and We all should be coming together and helping one another through this awful and difficult time… Hello People this is going to get a Hell of A  Lot Worse …..Before it will get any better .. People having been coming together for centuries through trials and tribulations and Have gotten through Worse situtions then this .. SO Please stop being a self centered and self serving person and Be a decent human being . It really doesn’t take much ….If You seen someone who needs help…….. Help Them .. If You know someone who  needs something and You have it ….Give it …. If You Can Do Something to Help Someone in a Difficult time .. Then do it .. You may be surprised to see just How Gratful People really are .. Then Maybe if or When You need someone to help You …They may just return the flavor…Now We All Can Do Our Part in this Pandemic …. Wash Your Hands , Clean Your House and Use Santizer Often ..If Your Lucky to  have Some DIsinfection , Spray it throughout Your Home ( Especially Your Kitchen and Bathrooms ) and Vechiles… Wipe Down Walkers, Canes, Door Knobs , Kitchen and Side Tables ,Before and After using them … Wipe down counters in the Bathroom and  Kitchen with disinfecting wipes…  Use Caution whenever You have to Go out whether it is to the store for food or supplies and Give People space and stay a safe distance ..As We All Can Do Our Part to Help curb this situation and Help To Put an End to Spreading it.. People are Dying  It is Time To Stand Up and Take Action …Let’s All Come Together ……..  DO ..Your Part …

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Hopefully You will Really think about This Pandemic..

Start to think Of other Yourself and Others ..

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