Helping One Another Through The Corona Virus …

Good Morning , Good Afternoon , Good Evening or  Wherever  You may be at this moment…………I would like to  Inform everyone about a small  subtle change in Our Business’s Practices .. You see it has accured to Me and My Wife , Through this Whole Pandemic of Corona Virus- Covid 19 , Which We choose to call it baloney…. However Because of the crisis I am sure Everyone is aware that we are all struggling with the fact We are living in very uncertain times ..I am only asking , ( Not telling ) Our Readers to help out and make small donation to Our Blog ..I am Not sure of How many of you understand, How much it really does cost to keep a blog running …. Which it is very time comsuming  Job … So If You enjoy Reading Our articles and enjoy Our site Please feel free to make a Donation to Help Us Keep going ..Please bare with Us While We try to Recoupe A lot of What We Lost throughout this Pandemic ..We Are Asking for a small Donation to Our Blog So We may continue to bring You all Up to dated and Revelant Articles of Interest .This Will Help US to Bring You More Quality Information and the Truth within Our Articles .Thank You All For Your Support … Please Continue to Read Our Articles and Posting Your Comments .. As We Love to Hear From You …… With that I bid You All Good Day …

Thank You Again  Savasta


Please donate..Thank you , Savasta Enterprises. com

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