Corona Virus- Covid 19 ….Handmade Face Masks for Sale ….

In today’s society Wearing a Mask has become a part of Our daily rountine .With the corona virus still going on in Our communities people everywhere are looking for masks to stay safe and be protected, In the communities we all live in …. Our Goverors have made it mandatory to have to wear  a mask in stores and in our communties , Wherever We go Everyone is wearing a mask .. With Companies and Stores Over Charging for medical masks and supplies ,I thought I would do this article to help a friend from Our  Local church, Who is making masks for people on her own and is making them available… Now though Our site . She makes these masks by hand and does a great job in doing so . It is alittle costly to make masks , With the cost of fabric and thread  ( Not to mention her time ) So she is asking for a small donation of $5.00 a mask  to cover the cost of the fabric and the shipping …She makes Female , Male and Children Masks…. The masks  will be sent to You directly .  Please leave a message with Your name address and amount of masks You want .. Please note whether it is for a male ,female or a child …. These masks are all handmade with care and are washable and reusueable .       Please note as soon as they are requested and paid for they will be sent out .So again Please leave your name , address and information on Our site Or  You can also send Us an Email @ with the information ..  Here is a few pictures of the masks she has made …..  







There is many many different styles of these masks and If You don’t find one you like ask us …We may be able to find the material you like and make it for you …..Thank You All for taking the time to read Our Articles …..So with that I bid You Good Day …..

Thank You Again  Savasta


Please donate..Thank you , Savasta Enterprises. com